Peter Classen Visual Artist Vancouver, Canada

PCP_3353 ©2017PCP_3886


‘Creative,’ ‘inspiring,’ & ‘passionate’ are just a few ways to describe the work of Peter Classen. Peter began shooting in the days of film, capturing the surrounding landscapes and rivers of the Fraser Valley. He quickly fell in love with the work of Ansel Adams, Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz. Peter worked as a graphic artist and as an advertising and marketing consultant for over a decade, but hoped to someday start a career as a photographer. The daily schedule, constant deadlines, and creative demand allowed little time to give photography the love it needed, causing him to put his cameras down for nearly ten years. © ©2017

In 2011, Peter left his corporate world, and shortly thereafter relocated to East Vancouver and began shooting full-time, now inspired by the work of Brooke Shaden, Helmut Newton, and Tim Burton. He has been collaborating with and inspired by like-minded photographers , musicians, actors, painters, dancers, and models. He draws from the whimsical, the spiritual, and the intoxicating.

PCP_9423DSC_6455.jpg_NEF7656 - Version 2DSC_0083 - Version 2.jpgtumblr_o4kfjsuTtv1tt3agqo1_1280


tumblr_nqhn68GKnc1tt3agqo1_1280.jpg“I shoot real people, with emotion and passion who have a desire to be unique. I am blessed to find amazing people who want to walk into my world for a few minutes and forget who they are. We dance, we sing, we paint and we create in the moment; thats art, isn’t it?”


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